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Outcomes Guidelines Report Volume 5—User Agreement

The Outcomes Guidelines Report Volume 5, available as a free downloadable PDF, represents the latest product of a research initiative launched in 2006 to bring consensus, transparency and sound science to measuring clinical and financial outcomes in wellness and care management. It refines earlier work and adds new guidance on more broadly defined population health management programs.

The new guidelines introduce a framework for health information technology, defining key components necessary for a fully connected population health management program. Volume 5 also introduces a checklist and flowchart to determine whether a program should be evaluated as a wellness, population health or disease management program.

Volume 5 incorporates all guidance from earlier volumes and provides a "Guidelines Locator" to quickly reference specific recommendations. In other new content, the newest guidelines include a conceptual framework and process framework for population health management, updated recommendations on the criteria used to select participants for chronic condition management programs and proposed organizational best practices for promoting medication adherence.

Please note: Completion of this user agreement is required for access to the report. The purpose of this user agreement is to allow the Care Continuum Alliance to qualify and quantify the audience for its guidelines and to ensure that updates or errata, should any become available, reach users. The Care Continuum Alliance respects your privacy and will not share this information with third parties. By completing this user agreement, you consent to receive periodic communications related to this and other Care Continuum Alliance products and services.

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