Tools for Quality

Quality Tools

Welcome to the Quality Tools page—information and resources for Population Health Improvement Quality. The Care Continuum Alliance (CCA) designed these tools to promote information sharing among members and other stakeholders, highlight tested practices you can apply in your own organization and provide access to important literature on high-quality care. Here, you also can access relevant market information and survey instruments developed specifically to measure participant experience in population health improvement programs.

The tools linked to this page include:

  • Quality Improvement Case Studies - A searchable database of reports from Care Continuum Alliance members, the larger population health improvement community and all stakeholders in chronic disease prevention and care that document methods and results of studies relevant to population health improvement.
  • Care Continuum Alliance Toolkits - Practical approaches to population health management and improvement that have been compiled for easy application.
  • Market Reports - Update to reports on activities in relevant markets, including population health improvement, chronic care improvement, and health reform.
  • Survey Tools - Care Continuum Alliance's special-focus questionnaires for both members and providers participating in population health improvement programs.
  • LitFinder - Search the Care Continuum Alliance's archives on eight prevalent chronic diseases.
The Care Continuum Alliance and its members are committed to developing evidence-based, experience-informed best practices to proactively engage healthcare providers and improve the health of populations we serve. Share your perspective on these tools and help us continuously improve their value to you!

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