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Population Health Improvement: A Market Survey Report

Now in its second year, the Care Continuum Alliance market analysis initiative surveyed 135 providers and purchasers of population health and wellness programs. The resulting report provides key industry intelligence on many varied aspects of population health management, such as industry views on program expenditures and use of incentives. By identifying trends as a first step toward understanding and responding to a changing market, program providers can develop and deliver programs tailored to purchaser needs. The synergy created by these two sources—the purchasers and the providers—ultimately will lead to a better understanding of how to offer a system of quality health care delivery along the full continuum of care.

This report, in PDF format, reflects the continuing efforts of the Care Continuum Alliance Industry Review Workgroup to assess the population health and wellness industry. Members of the Workgroup contributed extensively to the survey's development, solicited their organizations' responses, analyzed response data and wrote the final report. The diversity of organizations represented in the work group demonstrates the expertise and knowledge that fed the process from survey development to final report.

The Care Continuum Alliance offers this rich collection of market data for an exceptional price: $179 for members and $250 for non-members. For an additional $10, receive the 2008 report, "Disease Management and Wellness: Results of a Market Research Survey," on CD-ROM.

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Disease Management and Wellness: Results of a Market Research Survey

The Care Continuum Alliance retained The Gantry Group to conduct an in-depth, comprehensive study on the state of the disease management and wellness industry and to deliver new quantitative insights regarding these key components of population health improvement. The survey is important for the new insights it brings to:
  • the size of the industry by lives covered, disease states managed, types of wellness initiatives;
  • the performance of current disease management and health and wellness programs;
  • future growth plans for the industry; and
  • current and expected industry trends.
Once identified and quantified, key findings from the survey by category are presented to provide a better understanding of the disease management and wellness industry for public- and private-sector health plans, disease management organizations and employers. A major objective of this report is to establish a vision of the disease management industry for the next three to five years. As a knowledge base, this report serves a dual purpose by providing current general industry, clinical and financial statistics where possible, as well as projections.

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