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Our Mission

We believe the highest achievable health status is attained through the promotion and alignment of population health improvement by:
Care Continuum Alliance
  • Promoting a proactive, patient-centric focus across the care continuum;
  • Convening health care professionals across the care continuum to share and integrate practice models;
  • Emphasizing the importance of both healthful behaviors and evidence-based care in preventing and managing chronic conditions;
  • Promoting high quality standards for and definitions of key components of wellness, disease and, where appropriate, case management, and care coordination programs as well as support services and materials;
  • Identifying, researching, sharing and encouraging innovative approaches and best practices care delivery and reimbursement models;
  • Establishing consensus-based outcomes measures and demonstrating health, satisfaction, and financial improvements achieved through wellness, disease and case management, and care coordination programs;
  • Supporting delivery system models that assure appropriate care for chronic conditions and coordination among all health care providers including strategies such as the Chronic Care Model, the physician-led medical home concept, and the disease management model;
  • Encouraging the widespread adoption and interoperability of health information technologies;
  • Advocating the principles and benefits of population health improvement to public health officials, including state and federal government entities;
  • Underscoring the level of commitment to population health improvement and timeframes necessary to realize the full benefits.

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