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Talking with Payers, Providers and Patients About Diabetes:
A Toolkit for PPOs from CCA and AAPPO

This toolkit, developed by the American Association of Preferred Provider Organizations (AAPPO) and the Care Continuum Alliance (CCA), is designed to help preferred provider organizations of any business model talk with key stakeholders about the importance of diabetes and identify resources for each audience to improve care quality. The toolkit is part of the "ACT on Diabetes" Campaign to help PPOs take Action, Champion better care, and empower patients to Take charge of diabetes.

Key points reflected in this material include:

  • Diabetes has health, productivity and quality of life costs that impact payers, physicians and other providers, and patients.
  • There are effective strategies for preventing diabetes and delaying complications in those that have it.
  • All stakeholders must be involved in improving diabetes care. Making a difference in diabetes care will require partnerships across the wellness and health care continuum.
  • PPOs have an important role—offering education, supporting employers in benefit design decisions, leveraging influence with physicians and developing partnerships for better care management.

This toolkit offers "talking points" PPOs can use with stakeholders on effective diabetes prevention and care management. It also contains links to tools and resources available to support payers, providers and patients in addressing diabetes. We urge PPOs to use these resources to augment outreach to stakeholders and to promote better diabetes care quality. Get started now:

This toolkit was developed by:

Care Continuum Alliance

Development supported by the following sponsors:

This toolkit is a reference tool for PPOs and their partner organizations, not medical advice. For information, contact Liza Greenberg.

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