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March 15, 2011


Carl Graziano
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Care Continuum Alliance Releases Value-Based Addendums to Outcomes Guidelines

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Care Continuum Alliance today released three addendums to its Outcomes Guidelines Report that illustrate how the guidelines' evidence-based program measures can support a value-based benefits design framework developed by the Center for Health Value Innovation (CHVI).

The addendums build on work started in 2010 to combine the Care Continuum Alliance's structure for measuring outcomes in population health management with the CHVI's framework for "Outcomes-Based Contracting." At the Care Continuum Alliance's 2010 annual meeting, The Forum 10, the groups presented the concept during a joint educational session.

Each of the addendums released today includes a matrix that provides guidance on data and outcomes measures, incentive "levers" and delivery methods for three value-based design approaches: waste reduction, risk reduction and performance and productivity improvement. The addendums also include case studies keyed to each of the value-based design levels to demonstrate the various approaches in practice.

"Our collaboration with CHVI is a valuable extension of our Outcomes Guidelines work and these new documents show the synergy between our approaches to improving care quality and value," says Jeanette May, PhD, MPH, Care Continuum Alliance research and quality vice president.

"The Care Continuum Alliance has repeatedly published the evidence of coordinated care management for better outcomes. Linking this with the work of our CHVI has been a joy, as it shows the alignment of incentives for better outcomes through engagement, accountable care and predictable cost trends," says CHVI President and Co-Founder Cyndy Nayer, MA.

The Care Continuum Alliance last year produced a fifth volume of its landmark Outcomes Guidelines Report, an industry consensus, evidence-based approach to measuring clinical and financial outcomes in wellness and chronic care programs. The guidelines and new addendums are available as free downloads from the Care Continuum Alliance at http://www.carecontinuum.org/OGR5_user_agreement.asp.

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About the Care Continuum Alliance
The Care Continuum Alliance represents more than 200 organizations and individuals and aligns all stakeholders in the care continuum toward improving population health. Through advocacy, research and education, the Care Continuum Alliance advances strategies to improve care quality and outcomes and reduce preventable costs for the well and those with and at risk of chronic conditions. Learn more at www.carecontinuum.org

About the Center for Health Value Innovation
The Center for Health Value Innovation (CHVI, 501c3) showcases evidence of improved health quality and economic trend through value-based benefit designs. CHVI has developed the Health Value AcceleratorTM so that the market can use the evidence to improve business health outcomes. Evidence and Health Value Accelerator are available at www.vbhealth.org

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