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Quality and Research 2012 Call for Volunteers

The Care Continuum Alliance Quality and Research efforts for 2012 will include the development of a tool that will offer guidance to all stakeholders who wish to evaluate population health management programs. This project will be the primary work of Quality and Research in 2012 and will culminate with the release of the tool at the Care Continuum Alliance's Forum 12 in October 2012.

The work groups identified below represent the groups that will develop the sections to be included in the guide. New groups may be added as projects develop throughout the year. Space is limited for each work group listed below. Once the slots are filled, a waiting list will be developed. Each work group listed below meets on a regular basis via conference call. Active and consistent participation is expected.

Please contact Karen Moseley, at kmoseley@carecontinuum.org; or Jeanette May, at jmay@carecontinuum.org, by Jan. 6, 2012, with questions or to volunteer to participate.

A. Evaluation Guidelines: Help stakeholders in all service delivery models evaluate all programs delivered to their populations. Two work groups will address the following objectives:

  1. Integrated Program Evaluation Work Group: Address considerations for measuring integrated programs in all service delivery models.
  2. Medical Cost Savings Work Group: Explore and recommend evaluation guidelines for program comparison and medical cost savings within a variety of health care delivery settings.

B. Measures Guidelines: Recommend existing measures and recommend the development of new measures where applicable in the following areas:

  1. Case Management Work Group: Recommend measures for case management programs embedded in an outpatient setting or measures that can be applied across settings.
  2. Chronic Conditions Work Group: Update existing measures recommended in earlier CCA Outcomes Guidelines work from the perspective of new service delivery models.
  3. Medication Therapy Management Work Group: Update existing measures and guidelines for the use of these measures for medication adherence and include new recommendations for other areas of medication management (e.g., medication reconciliation, safety, etc.).

C. Special Topics Work Group: Discuss and prioritize topics that would require unique evaluation considerations, including depression, cancer, shared decision-making and rare diseases (e.g., MS, immune deficiency disorders).

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