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The Forum 09

The Care Continuum Alliance hosted its 11th annual meeting, The Forum 09, Sept. 21 and 22, 2009, at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront, in San Diego. The Forum 09 attracted population health management leaders from across the country and around the world for two days of high-quality educational programming, timely keynote speeches and networking.

Presented here are useful post-conference resources, including slides from Forum presentations, podcasts of keynote speeches, copies of the conference daily newspaper, The Continuum, and important links.

Keynote Presentations

  • McKesson Health SolutionsSept. 21 opening keynote presentation by Brookings Institution health policy expert Mark B. McClellan, MD, PhD, on the likely course of health care reform. Sponsored by McKesson Health Solutions.  podcast  |  presentation slides
  • Sept. 22 remarks by Care Continuum Alliance Chair Gordon K. Norman, MD, MBA.  podcast  |  presentation slides
  • Sept. 22 keynote speech by Michael J. Barry, MD, on informed medical decision-making.  podcast  |  presentation slides
  • Sept. 22 keynote speech by David K. Nace, MD, on HIT and the medical home.  podcast

Presentation Slides from The Forum 09

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Monday, Sept. 21

8:30 - 9 a.m.
  • TRACK 1: Integrating Care Management into the UK's National Health Service - Siegel
  • TRACK 2: A Progress Report on the Launch of Japan's National Chronic Disease Prevention Program - Oku/Kobayashi
  • TRACK 3: Better Health Through Video Gaming - Goldstein | Tate
  • TRACK 4: Trends in Population Health Management: Results of a Market Research Survey of Program Providers and Purchasers - Mischler/Neftzger
  • TRACK 5: Valid and Transparent Outcomes Measures: How to tell if your programs are working - Lewis
9:15-10:15 a.m.
  • TRACK 1: Engaging Physicians in Risk Factor Reduction - Springrose/Nelson
  • TRACK 2: HITECH Health IT Legislation: Opportunities for the DMAA Community - Kuraitis/Adams
  • TRACK 3: Optimal Lifestyle Adherence and 2-Year Incidence of Incidence of Chronic Conditions - Pronk/Fabius
  • TRACK 4: A Data-Driven Partnership to Close Gaps in Care
  • TRACK 5: Prospective vs. Annual Requalification Identification Regimes - Impact on Return on Investment (ROI) - Ahmed
10:30-11:30 a.m.
  • TRACK 1: Redesigning Primary Care to Deliver a Value-Based Population Management Program for Chronic Disease - Graf/Tomcavage
  • TRACK 2: Valuing Health Care Reform: A look at the Price of Prevention in Relation to the Unsustainable Cost of Chronic Disease - Pope | O'Grady | Doucet
  • TRACK 3: Optimal Lifestyle Adherence - Tracking & Coaching to Health Activation for Improved Outcomes - Osmick | Hibbard | Terry
  • TRACK 4: How Clinical Alerts Through EMR and Trusted Intermediaries Improves Care and Lowers Costs - Wei/Shurney
  • TRACK 5: DMAA Outcomes Evaluation Guidelines Volume IV - Fetterolf/Jennings
1:30-2:30 p.m.
  • TRACK 1: Understanding Outcomes of a Workplace Obesity Management Program: A Case Study - Drew, Metz, Nelson
  • TRACK 2: Lessons Learned in Obesity Benefit Design: A Users' Panel - Romney/Toner/Paharia | Paharia
  • TRACK 3: Activity and Weight Home Monitoring: Utilizing new technologies to deliver automated, low-cost, effective interventions to improve activity levels - Kvedar/Appel
  • TRACK 4: Promising Steps: Achieving ROI from Worksite Wellness and Weight Management Programs - Pruchnik | McIntire
  • TRACK 5: A Proactive Approach to the Prevention of Childhood Overweight & Obesity - Fravel/Wilkes

Tuesday, Sept. 22

8:30-9 a.m.
  • TRACK 1: Enhanced Dialog - Deepening the Relationship Increasing the Impact - Wennberg
  • TRACK 2: Collaborative Policy Development for Advancing Telehealth - Martin
  • TRACK 3: State Disease Management Programs Outlook - Hsieh
  • TRACK 4: Convergence in Health Management: Leveraging INR Technology to Implement a Self-Testing Program for Long-term Anticoagulation - Costa/London
  • TRACK 5: Comparative Effectiveness: A Compelling Approach to Cost Control and Quality Improvement - Fromelt/Haddock/Keckley
9:15-10:15 a.m.
  • TRACK 1: Changing the Game: Insights on how some successful health systems are leveraging simple technologies as part of the medical home to transform care management - Williams | Dryer | Rickheim
  • TRACK 2: Driving Physician Engagement in Disease Management - Sidorov/Selecky
  • TRACK 3: Effective Health Management Strategies to Reduce Medical Expenses, Deliver Positive ROI - Reynolds/Jackson/Benson
  • TRACK 4: An Integrated Approach to Reducing Heart Failure Readmissions by 33% - Watson/Shenkenberg
  • TRACK 5: Measures of Success: New Methods for Calculating Cost Savings in a Population Health Improvement Program - Kiesz/Veroff
1:45-2:45 p.m.
  • TRACK 1: A Necessary Component of the Medical Home: Pregnancy Program Coordinated Preconception, Risk-Screening, Education, Care Management and Support for Pregnancy - Hawkins/Rhea
  • TRACK 2: Connecting the Dots: Use of Health Information Exchange in Alabama's Medicaid Population - Rooney
  • TRACK 3: Can You Reach the Hard-to-Reach Without Cash? New Thoughts on Participation Strategies - Pelletier/Schwartz
  • TRACK 4: Use of Digital Coaching to Improve Treatment of Depression & Insomnia - Bedrosian/Vivaldo
  • TRACK 5: Measuring Hospital Readmission as an Outcome for Care Management Programs - Niu/Hochstadt

The Continuum Conference Daily Newspaper

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