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International Symposium on Wellness & Chronic Care

Our first International Symposium on Wellness & Chronic Care, co-located with The Forum 11, will facilitate a comprehensive exchange of information on wellness, prevention, chronic condition management and other population health strategies from around the globe.

Expert speakers from Brazil, Abu Dhabi, the United Kingdom and other nations will share their experiences on the design, development and operation of population-based programs in various settings and for various populations. They also will discuss approaches to program deployment and evaluation common to programs across many countries and regions and provide valuable insight into strategies for success in the global marketplace.

International Symposium attendees will enjoy an exclusive networking opportunity the evening of Sept. 6 at special reception with Care Continuum Alliance Board of Directors.


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Modifying a U.S.-Developed, Comprehensive Lifestyle Management Program for a Global Market

Tuesday, Sept. 6, 9 - 9:50 a.m.

Practical Application: Adapt core components of an evidence-based, technology-enabled, data-driven, outcomes-oriented, comprehensive lifestyle management program developed in the United States for use in multiple countries internationally by both multi-national employers and licensee organizations.

  • Use culturally appropriate educational materials and region-specific clinical guidelines.
  • Apply principles of lifestyle health coaching through locally based health coaches.
  • Evaluate improvements in self-reported health status, multiple health behaviors, multiple risk factors, biometric variables and productivity measures.
Dalene Viljoen, BSc, director, b-well | bio»
  Dalene Viljoen, BSc, director, b-well—Dalene Viljoen, BSc, is the managing director of b-well Lifestyle Engagement Solutions. Her role there is to develop, within a business intelligence framework, a data integrator-and-profiler, which has the ability to store data at the individual level, and to develop and implement a wellness program incorporating lifestyle management and incentivized wellness products.

Neil Gordon, MD, PhD, MPH Chief Scientific Officer, PrevCan, Inc.| bio»
  Neil Gordon, MD, PhD, MPH, Chief Scientific Officer, PrevCan, Inc.—Dr. Gordon is a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology and board certified in public health and general preventive medicine. He has published more than 100 scientific manuscripts and eight books on preventive medicine.

An Innovative Approach to Care Across the Continuum in Brazil

Tuesday, Sept. 6, 9:50 - 10:50 a.m.

Practical Application: Improve the efficiency of a wellness, prevention and chronic care program by incorporating new initiatives for populations at risk for conditions beyond the "five core chronics."

  • Incorporate new strategies into an existing chronic condition management program, including case management, patient care transitions and health promotion.
  • Use best practices in population monitoring and identification, enrollment and engagement strategies and communication and intervention delivery consistent with the Care Continuum Alliance population health management framework.
  • Demonstrate improved financial and clinical results by applying the Care Continuum Alliance Outcomes Guidelines Report.
Andre Gibrail, MBA, Chief Operation Officer, Axismed Gestao Preventiva de Saude SA | bio»
Andre Gibrail, MBA, chief operation officer, Axismed Gestao Preventiva de Saude SA—Gibrail is a Six Sigma professional with vast experience in developing business and managing services—including, DM operations, health intelligence management and corporate operations. Gibrail has vast experience in business development across many diverse industries, including health care, insurance services, call center operations and financial services to companies such as Citigroup, Interchange, ItauGroup, Mastercard and TempoAssist.

Chronic Condition Management for International Populations: Challenges and Solutions

Tuesday, Sept. 6, 11 - 11:50 a.m.

Practical Application: Explore the workforce and care delivery implications of prevention and chronic care management interventions in the United Kingdom.

  • Assess the challenges of scaling chronic condition management approaches for international populations.
  • Examine engagement and operational strategies for international application, from a system standpoint, as well as a cultural standpoint.
  • Compare experiences from the United States and United Kingdom health care systems, including populations covered, access to care and care delivery.
Stefan Wisbauer, Managing Director, UK Preventive Medicine | bio»
Stefan Wisbauer, managing director, UK Preventive Medicine—Stefan Wisbauer brings 10 years of experience advising and working in the health care industry. He was a consultant with McKinsey & Co., helped establish innovative companies in the United Kingdom health care sector and is currently Managing Director of UK Preventive Medicine, a subsidiary of US Preventive Medicine.

Fred Goldstein, MA, President, US Preventive Medicine | bio»
  Fred Goldstein, MA, President, US Preventive Medicine—Fred Goldstein, MA, is head of disease management at US Preventive Medicine. Goldstein has more than 25 years of senior management experience in the health care industry encompassing Disease Management and Wellness, HMO, hospital and physician group operations, strategic planning, marketing, product development, network development, and government affairs.

Keynote Panel

Tuesday, Sept. 6, 12:30-1:30 p.m.

Elizabeth Rula, PhD, Principal Investigator, Health Outcomes, Healthways, Inc.
Ana Elisa Siqueira, MD, Technical Director, Hospitalar Santa Celina Group - Seando Saúde
Hamish MacDonald, CEO and Co-Founder, Lifetime Health Diary
Tehseen Salimi, MD, Vice President, Global Evidence & Value Development, Medical Affairs, Sanofi

Cultural Adaptation in Chronic Condition Management

Tuesday, Sept. 6, 1:40 - 2:30 p.m.

Practical Application: Gain insight into the influence of cultural adaptation on chronic condition management programs and analyze how to guarantee clinical and cost effectiveness.

  • Demonstrate an innovative, structured care design to enhance self-management among diabetic patients.
  • Illustrate the power of cultural adaptation on engagement rates.
  • Assess the effectiveness of an adapted chronic care model (diabetes/obesity) in a challenging cultural environment.
Doaa Alhaboby, MSc, supervisor, Disease Management and Health Support Department, Daman National Health Insurance Company | bio»
Doaa Alhaboby, MSc, supervisor, Disease Management and Health Support Department, Daman National Health Insurance Company—Doaa Alhaboby, MS, is the supervisor, disease management/health support department, Daman National Health Insurance Company. Alhaboby is a pioneer in introducing the disease management concept in the Middle East and is experienced in adapting and implementing population health management programs in multicultural populations.

Ruth Philipp, head, Product Management and Development Department, Almeda | bio»
  Ruth Philipp, head, Product Management and Development Department, Almeda—Ruth Philipp heads the product management and development department of Almeda GmbH, Munich. Philipp is an industrial psychologist with more than eight years of experience in national and international health care projects.

Canadian Healthcare: Delivery & Opportunities for Collaboration

Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2:45 - 4 p.m.

Practical Application: Examine a unique perspective on health care delivery in Canada and discuss opportunities to enhance outcomes through greater collaboration between the public health system and employers.

  • Review a published, peer-reviewed Canadian study that represents the emerging direction of workplace health and wellness measurement in Canada.
  • Examine a Canadian public health system disease management initiative that improved health outcomes in CVD and diabetes through more effective use of health information technology resources.
  • Apply key learnings to identify opportunities to enhance health outcomes in Canada and other countries with a hybrid public-private health care system.
Sharon Welner, Vice President, BioMedCom Consultants
Allan Smofsky, Founder, Smofsky Workplace Health Strategists | bio»
Allan Smofsky, Founder, Smofsky Workplace Health Strategists—Allan Smofsky founded Smofsky Workplace Health Strategists, whose mission is enhancing efficiency of workplace health care delivery and improving employee health/well-being and organizational performance. Allan consults on issues—and to stakeholders—across the spectrum of health. He is a 2008 winner of the Rogers Media Working Well Who's Who in Workplace Health award.

Chris Hobson, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Orion Health | bio»
Chris Hobson, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Orion Health—Chris Hobson, MD, is chief medical officer for Orion Health. As a former general practitioner certified in health care informatics, Dr. Hobson brings extensive clinical and technical expertise when developing and implementing health information technologies, and is well versed in a wide range of hospital, specialist health care and physician management systems.

Opportunities for Chronic Care in India

Tuesday, Sept. 6, 4 - 4:35 p.m.

Practical Application: Review the evolution of chronic care in India and identify recommendations based on recent developments in this global market.

  • Identify opportunities in the chronic care space in India in near- and medium-term.
  • Point to areas to avoid while launching chronic care management programs in India.
  • Gather an overview of chronic care management in India at the moment.
Rajendra Pratap Gupta, President, Disease Management Association of India | bio»
Rajendra Pratap Gupta, President, Disease Management Association of India—Rajendra Pratap Gupta, President, Disease Management Association of India, anm a top health care expert in India, sits on the boards of numerous organizations in the population health industry. Gupta has given his inputs on health care to various international bodies, such as the United Nations and governments of India & ME.